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SunPumper™ solar-powered products were created in 1992 - before America's "Clean Air Act" was even known as "GREEN" and certainly before it was cool.

Now, over 50,000 Sun Pumpers are in daily service around the world, satisfying company initiatives as well as doing more and costing less.

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To properly size the solar power requirements we need information based on your actual or anticipated injection requirements. The amount of energy to be generated and how many days of battery backup is determined by three factors. The factors are (1) the amount of product to be injected, (2) maximum discharge pressure, and (3) physical location where the unit is intalled. TMY (typical meteorological year) data is used to make the necessary calculations. There is the possibility that weather conditions or "micro climates" could surpass TMY data projections. If your application is critical or non-typical, additional allowances will need to be factored.

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